How to Turn Your Reader Data Into Valuable Next Steps

Often, when discussing analytics with clients, I hear back:"This is great! Now what?"

The answer — how to determine next steps when looking at your reader data — depends on who is reading, sharing, or following your publications. Here are some basic actions you can take, depending on the circumstances:

1. Is it a client?

If you're being read by a client or someone at a client firm, consider: is the content they're reading connected with the type of work you're doing for them?

If you're supporting the client on an employment matter and they're reading about cybersecurity issues, perhaps this is a cross-selling opportunity. Consider offering an on-topic webinar for the organization's legal team. Or, at the least, set up a check in call. The attentive approach will be appreciated.

2. Is it a prospect or referral source?

Do you have an active RFP underway? Can this information guide the process? Are you sponsoring a conference at which this reader is speaking, or might be a good candidate for speaking? Strike while you have their attention and invite them to join the event. At the very least evaluate: is this person worth adding to our CRM?

3. Is their share or praise public? 

Which high-value readers have shared or liked your content publicly? This opens the door to connect and thank them without any awkwardness (it is, after all, a nice thing for them to have done, and, best of all, it's public!). You need not do much more than say thanks and make a connection — this is how networks grow at the start of BD opportunities.

4. Is it an editor or reporter?

Did a media member share your publication on LinkedIn or Twitter? Did they reference your analysis (either by quoting it, linking to it, or both) in their own writing? Take advantage of this media engagement: connect with the person, thank them, clarify that you are available to talk on this issue any time they need an expert source. Busy journalists appreciate the convenience of knowing who they can count on — and they know you already, through your good work.


[This post appeared originally as a JD Supra Tip of the Week, emailed each Thursday morning by VP of client service, Paul Ryplewski. Clients: to receive Paul's tips by email, log into your account dashboard and select Tip of the Week on your Subscriptions page. ]