JD Supra generates opportunities to network with potential clients & media

JD Supra readers are active on social media. They share your content with their networks, and contact you directly. This not only amplifies the visibility of your thought leadership, but creates unique opportunities to connect. JD Supra clients benefit from this activity on a daily basis, including:

Engagement by in-house counsel:


Engagement by corporate executives:


Requests to speak:

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Looking for speakers to fill out the rest of our 2017 educational calendar. I was wondering if someone may be willing to come out to speak on constructions contracts?

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Media requests for article republication and interviews:

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I am writing a piece on overboarding for the Boston Globe. I had a question about your opinion piece on overboarding.

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See what Laura Toledo, Communications & Marketing at Nilan Johnson says about JD Supra generated opportunities: