Use Analytics to Support Your Current Objectives & Engagement

Paul Ryplewski reviews JD Supra’s analytics in three categories – Awareness, Engagement, and Growth – and looking at appropriate features within each.

How to Use Your Report Builder

Report Builder streamlines your team's ability to create, schedule, and share JD Supra analytics reports in support of their marketing and business development work.

3 Tools to Help You Find Analytics Gems

I frequently recommend the following three easy tricks to mine analytics for interesting gems, opportunities, and next steps...

[FAQ] JD Supra's Firm Usage Report

We answer frequently asked questions about JD Supra's Firm Usage Report, a quarterly email to clients.

How to Use Reader Data? Successful Thought Leaders Explain How They Leverage Analytics...

We recently asked top JD Supra authors to shed light on how they leveraged their analytics and reader data. Here's what we heard back - five metrics tips for everyone...

What Does Success Look Like For You?

When it comes to thought leadership in law firm marketing, success can be many things. Here's how to create your framework for success.

[Video How-To:] Access Your JD Supra Analytics

In this episode of 'How To ... In Under Two' Paul Ryplewski explains in just two minutes how clients can monitor and measure readership and engagement with their thought leadership by accessing their JD Supra analytics.

3 Habits That Turn Reader Data Into Valuable Business Intelligence

If you're trying to answer the oft-asked question "What should we do with our reader data to support business growth?" start here, with these smart practices.

[Checklist] 20 Marketing & BD Questions to Ask When Looking at Your Analytics

A checklist of some of the most important questions to consider when evaluating your firms analytics and reader data in any given period.

Always Ask These Marketing & BD Questions of Your Content Analytics

Paul Ryplewski looks at key questions you should always bring to your firm's analytics, and how they match up with behavior in the marketing and BD funnel.

Analytics: How to Use Your Reader Data to Support Business Development

What can we do with reader data in our analytics when the person's name and position/role are not included? Paul Ryplewski explains.

[FAQ] JD Supra's Analytics Executive Summary — Your Visibility Report

A look at the data included in JD Supra's annual and quarterly Visibility Reports, an overview of content successes emailed to clients.

Give Practice Group & Industry Leads Access to Reader Data That Supports Their Work [Video Tip]

Make sure that your practice group heads, industry leads, and anybody with a specific focus working with a team within your firm has the ability to log into JD Supra and build data reports. Here's why.

How to Use Reader Data to Uncover Client Needs & Market Trends [Video]

Learn how Clinton Gary's marketing and BD team uses JD Supra reader data to hear the voice of their clients and identify trends in the broader marketplace.

Three Easy Ways to Follow Up When Someone Shares Your Content Online

What's a good way to follow up when you learn that the CEO of a notable company has shared your firm's thought leadership on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook?

"Meaningful Facetime..." - Clinton Gary, Burr & Forman [Video]

Burr & Forman's Clinton Gary explains why JD Supra has been a staple of his marketing budget and data source over many years and three firms.

How to Turn Your Media Readership Into Media Relationships [Video]

Looking for ways to follow up on your attorneys' reader analytics? Here's a quick an easy way tip on turning media readership into relationships.

"Our attorneys are getting the type of readers they want..." - Lorraine Sullivan, Farrell Fritz [Video]

Lorraine Sullivan describes how a mixture of the right readers and robust analytics from JD Supra keeps attorneys motivated to develop thought leadership.

How to Find Next Steps In Your Analytics

How to find next steps and networking opportunities - and what to do about them - in your JD Supra reader analyics!

Strategic Focus: Include Industry & Company Reader Data In Your Annual Marketing Report

How to turn your annual marketing report into a strategic, internal conversation about your content efforts across practice groups and industries.