Actionable Intelligence At Your Fingertips

  • Your team has to access all of your analytics via an online dashboard that includes:
    • who's reading & sharing your work (and which work they are reading)
    • which of your content is performing best
    • what sites are linking to your content
    • how readers are finding you in search
  • Your dashboard includes filters to enable each team member to access the most relevant data to them.


See full video walk-through.

Henry Deeb
Digital Media Manager
JD Supra analytics provides a great overall view of how our content has performed for the month. I have all the key analytics located in one place, which I can easily share.
Jacqueline Madarang
Marketing Technology Manager
One of the things that I love about working with you guys is the analytics that are available and the companies that are reading our content. The attorneys are very responsive about that, which is really great. We then check that back into some of the proposals that we've submitted, then...check that back with our CRM system and see if there are additional relationships there.