Solo Attorney Builds National Practice with Thought Leadership on JD Supra

“My content goes farther with JD Supra than anything else — it’s one of the best things that have ever happened to my practice.”

Ary Rosenbaum, The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C.

After a few years at a mid-sized, prominent New York corporate law firm, ERISA attorney Ary Rosenbaum, started his own solo practice in 2010.

Ary understood that content could help him develop valuable relationships throughout the industry and build his practice: “Advisors would say to me ‘I’m going to refer clients to you. What can you do for me?’ My answer was: ‘I’ll give you focused, high-quality content that you can use to solicit clients.’ That’s still a big part of the business development model for my firm: build goodwill with the people who can refer business to me by providing them with content they can use to educate their clients and potential clients.”

Ary turned to JD Supra to scale the visibility amongst TPAs and advisors with whom he needed to develop those relationships. JD Supra delivered — and, along the way, also delivered so much more:

National Media Visibility and Speaking Invitations

Says Ary: “It was always my dream to be in the Wall Street Journal, so I hired a PR guy to help me get there. He told me it would take a long, long time to do that. Then I signed up with JD Supra, and within two or three months, I was in. I wrote an article about exchange-traded funds and 401k plans, and a reporter from the Journal saw it on Twitter and referenced it in his article. The PR guy said it was going to take years, and JD Supra got me there in a few months – that was a great thrill.”

What’s more, thanks to JD Supra’s influential and engaged audience, speaking opportunities soon followed. “I was invited to speak at Schwab IMPACT, a national conference for independent investment advisors. Then about a year later, I was asked to present at Fi 360’s conference for investment advisors and 401k planners. Now I’m regularly invited to speak at conferences across the country.”

New Conversations and Influential Connections

Ary’s content on JD Supra also managed to achieve his initial business development goals.

“JD Supra was the perfect way to disperse my work around the Internet. That gave me great visibility, but more importantly it allowed people to reach out to me with questions and comments. I hear every week from people who tell me they saw my work on JD Supra, ask if they can reuse it, then start a conversation by telling me they’re interested in my practice.”

“The same thing happens in real life: when I’m at conferences and conventions, advisors and plan providers regularly stop me to say they read my content all the time and to thank me for providing it. A few years ago, someone even wanted to take a picture with me and get my autograph! JD Supra provides the spark for those conversations.”

“I get a lot of emails directly from JD Supra readers with new questions and comments I can write about.”

Direct Reader Feedback and Analytics to Ensure Ongoing, Relevant Content 

The emails and questions Ary gets from readers – at events, on LinkedIn, and via JD Supra’s ‘Contact the Author’ tool – give him invaluable insight on the challenges that keep his target audience up at night. “I’m always thinking about the same issues from different angles and different perspectives, those of plan sponsors, TPAs, and financial advisory firms. Reader feedback guides my content strategy, and helps me understand how to reframe the issues for different audiences.”

As valuable as is the direct input he gets from his audience, Ary also depends on the reader data JD Supra regularly provides to make sure his work is relevant to the people he’s trying to reach: “JD Supra’s analytics and reader highlights make it easy to see who’s reading what and who’s interested in which topics. They also tell me when I need to update content, revising it for changes in the law, giving it a fresher look and approach, or otherwise cleaning it up a bit. ”

“JD Supra is like the biggest club in my golf bag.”

* After building a national practice with his content on JD Supra, Ary took his success a step further. He now runs his own conference — That 401(K) Conference — click to learn more.