"Our attorneys are getting the type of readers they want..." - Lorraine Sullivan, Farrell Fritz [Video]



It's a no-brainer to work with [JD Supra] … it's very motivating to our attorneys to see month after month, the numbers of views that they get, and the engagement.

"Each one of our attorneys receives a report, an email from JD Supra, when they post a new blog post. It shows them how many and who saw their post, who engaged with it, and they get those pretty much every time they post. They also get monthly emails that summarizes who and how many looked at their post.

And in marketing, we get an overall summary for the firm, and that we share with all of our bloggers and our management committee, and our marketing committee

Those numbers are high, and they're motivational for our attorneys. So, it encourages them to keep doing what they're doing..."

Lorraine Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Farrell Fritz, describes how a mixture of the right readers and robust analytics from JD Supra keeps her firm's attorneys motivated to develop thought leadership.