3 Easy Ways to Focus Your Writing

If you're already writing regularly and would like to focus your efforts, consider these three ways to respond to proven reader interests:

1. Listen to your existing readers

Log into your analytics and see what work has done especially well over a given time period (look for the Content report titled "What are people reading?"). Now, focus again on those well-received topics. They have proven interest, which makes them perfect for follow-up posts, covering new angles.

2. Respond to frequently asked questions

Watch this short video for an explanation of what I mean. Questions folks repeatedly ask you when they realize you're an expert in your field make for terrific writing ideas. Capture them, turn them into a list of next writing assignments.

3. Track other thought leadership in your field of practice

If you haven't yet done so, follow new writing on JD Supra in your key subject matter area(s). Oftentimes, the best, most focused thought leadership is written in response to the existing public conversation. Fine tune your JD Supra daily digest by following the topics you write about most. You'll be guaranteed fresh writing ideas, delivered directly to your inbox.


[This post appeared originally as a JD Supra Tip of the Week, emailed each Thursday morning by VP of client service, Paul Ryplewski. Clients: to receive Paul's tips by email, log into your account dashboard and select Tip of the Week on your Subscriptions page. ]