An Important Note About Cookies...


It goes without saying that for all of us, 2018 has been The Year of the Cookie (thanks for that GDPR!). 

But, of course, December is also very much the Season of the Cookie, which is why - well... see below.

With love and gratitude for another good year together, here are links to some of our favorite cookie recipes, should you be looking for something tasty to nibble on with friends and family over the holidays:

  • Carla recommends Gingerbread Chocolate Cookies because, as the recipe points out, it's time to crank up the ginger.
  • For these Thumbprint CookiesPaula recommends indenting with your thumb twice: once before cooking and then again partway through the bake.
  • Kara's family loves Monster Cookies. We love Monster Cookies. We love Kara. #SimpleLogic
  • From Aviva, a suggestion to try Brown Butter Linzer Heart Cookies. They had me at vanilla bean paste.
  • Frank (who missed the memo about favorite cookie recipes) recommends the Poinsetta Cocktail. All good. I'm in.
  • Marc appreciates any baked item that requires a custom iron pan. His recommendation: Aebleskivers (served, of course, with a glogg).
  • Robin's family makes several batches of Peanut Butter Balls during the holiday week. She thinks you'll love them with rum. 
  • Who can resist hidden bites inside a cookie (pretzels, potato chips, marshmallows, chocolate)? No one. That's what Annie is all in with Momofuku Milk Bar's Compost Cookie
  • Adrian's family will be decorating sugar cookies in a marathon baking session on Saturday. Classic!
  • And finally, from yours truly: Nonna's Biscotti, on the mild side to balance the season's sweetness and easily adapted with your own twist

From the entire JD Supra team to you, happy holidays! 

Your next step? Crank up the oven to 350. Get milk!

See you in the new year,



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