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JD Supra Analytics: Understanding Your 'Readers Report'

Paul Ryplewski explains JD Supra's 'Readers Report' analytics dashboard

JD Supra Analytics: Understanding Your 'Content Report'

Paul Ryplewski explains JD Supra's 'Content Report' analytics dashboard

Use Analytics to Support Your Current Objectives & Engagement

Paul Ryplewski reviews JD Supra’s analytics in three categories – Awareness, Engagement, and Growth – and looking at appropriate features within each.

3 Tools to Help You Find Analytics Gems

I frequently recommend the following three easy tricks to mine analytics for interesting gems, opportunities, and next steps...

We Wrote a Popular Post! Now, How Do We Repeat the Success?

First in a series, Paul Ryplewski shares next steps when someone on your team has written an especially popular post and you'd like to repeat the success.

3 Editorial Practices That Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More

Paul Ryplewski explains three editorial best practices firms use to make sure their thought leadership is noticed, read, and trusted by target readers.

7 Writing Tips from Top Thought Leaders

Paul Ryplewski distills writing insights and advice from recent Q&A with JD Supra's award-winning thought leaders.

[Video How-To:] Update Your JD Supra Profile

Paul Ryplewski explains in two minutes how to update elements in your JD Supra profile: your "About" page; logo and header images; and branded background image.

[Video How-To:] Use JD Supra's Emerging Trend Reports

Paul Ryplewski explains in two minutes how to access and use our Emerging Trend Reports, exclusive reports from JD Supra's editors on hot topics and trending items in 14 key practice areas.

[Video How-To:] A Tour of JD Supra's Knowledge Center

Paul Ryplewski conducts a two-minute tour of JD Supra's Knowledge Center, a resource for clients that includes answers to account management questions...

[Video How-To:] Access Your JD Supra Analytics

In this episode of 'How To ... In Under Two' Paul Ryplewski explains in just two minutes how clients can monitor and measure readership and engagement with their thought leadership by accessing their JD Supra analytics.

[Video How-To:] Log Into Your Account

In this episode of How To ... In Under Two Paul Ryplewski explains in just two minutes how clients can log into their account dashboard — and some of the tools available (analytics, etc) once logged in.

3 Habits That Turn Reader Data Into Valuable Business Intelligence

If you're trying to answer the oft-asked question "What should we do with our reader data to support business growth?" start here, with these smart practices.

[Checklist] 20 Marketing & BD Questions to Ask When Looking at Your Analytics

A checklist of some of the most important questions to consider when evaluating your firms analytics and reader data in any given period.

Can We Reach a Regional Audience on a World-Wide Web? Yes! Here's How...

JD Supra's Paul Ryplewski on how thought leadership finds a regional audience online — and what you can do to make sure your content is found.

Grow Your Business with Niche Content? Here's What It Looks Like...

Focusing your writing on a specific topic typically also means focusing your attention on the needs of specific audience and, in the online landscape, that's a very good idea.

Analytics: How to Use Your Reader Data to Support Business Development

What can we do with reader data in our analytics when the person's name and position/role are not included? Paul Ryplewski explains.

How to Make Your Firm's Legal Analysis Stand Out to Clients and Prospects?

JD Supra's Paul Ryplewski explains how lawyers can focus their thought leadership right now to ensure they are noticed, read, and useful.

5 Writing Tips to Ensure Your Firm's Content Is Effective

Written for marketing and BD professionals to share with anyone producing thought leadership in a law firm right now, these pointers come from JD Supra editors who have been working around the clock organizing and publishing COVID-19 content.

Lawyers and Law Firms, Be Strategic About Your COVID-19 Guidance, Insights & Commentary

Paul Ryplewski, JD Supra's VP of Client Service, offers two tips for law firm content and communications during the COVID-19 crisis.