How to Become a JD Supra Power User In One Easy Step

I am often asked by clients for tips about how to better leverage JD Supra - and here is one of my favorite, simplest, and most impactful answers:

Schedule 15 minutes to log in and look through your JD Supra analytics.

It's as easy as that.

Plan into your week (or month) some time to take measure of your firm's visibility and reader engagement on JD Supra. While you're there:

  • look at the total reach (view count) of all publications. What work is doing best? Take a new angle on your most popular pieces;
  • scan the list of your readers, looking for clients as well as companies with which you'd like to work. Share notable reader information with others on your team (particularly BD folks);
  • peruse your referral links to see if industry blogs, associations, or media outlets are linking to your work. Look for targeted visibility wins;
  • see who has shared and discussed your content on Twitter. Notable tweets are listed first, and can be great opportunities to connect directly with your interesting readers;
  • slice and dice your reader data with Beacon Insights which, among other things, enables you to see visibility within specific industries and companies.

Turn your JD Supra analytics dive into a habit...

...a regularly scheduled action item, with frequency depending on how much content you produce. Consider an analytics dive weekly — or, at the very least, twice a month.

[Watch the video: Introducing Your JD Supra Analytics Dashboard...]

If you need assistance logging into your account for the firm time, get in touch - use the contact form at the right of this page.


[This post appeared originally as a JD Supra Tip of the Week, emailed each Thursday morning by VP of client service, Paul Ryplewski. Clients: to receive Paul's tips by email, log into your account dashboard and select Tip of the Week on your Subscriptions page. ]