How To: Manage Your Authors' LinkedIn Syncs

To see (and export a report on) the status of your authors' LinkedIn syncs:
  1. Log in to your firm's JD Supra account
  2. Click "Manage your LinkedIn Syncs" in the "Boost Yourself" module on your account management home page.JD Supra LinkedIn Sync 4
  3. You'll see a list of all your authors and their sync status.
    • If an author has never been invited to sync and hasn't done so, you'll see a yellow sync button with a link below that to invite them to sync. [See what the invitation looks like here.]                                  Invite to sync
    • If an author has been invited to sync, but has not yet done so, you'll see an "invitation pending" notation, with a link to re-issue the sync invitation.invitation pending
    • If an author is sync'd, he/she will be noted as such, with a button to easily de-activate the sync.                                                           accounts synced
    • If an author was sync'd but the authorization has expired, there will be a message indicating this, with a link through which you can easily issue a new invitation to sync. Sync Expired
  4. To export a report of your authors and their status, click the yellow "Export LinkedIn Status Report" button at the top right of the page. 

Export LI Sync


Log in to sync

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