Two Ways to Help Your Authors Access Their Analytics Reports on JD Supra

If you're a marketer or business development manager working with an author or group of authors at your firm, here are two ways to help them see the impact of their writing (and find next steps) by accessing their reader analytics.

1. Show Your Author(s) How to Log In For Analytics Anytime

All authors on JD Supra are able to log in and, among other things, access their own analytics dashboard whenever the want.

This is convenient for engaged, proactive writers who are eager to see the impact of their work at any time. These authors should:

  • Log into JD Supra here using their firm-based email address, for example: (The first time they log in they'll be walked through the process to create a password for ongoing, secure access.)
  • Click to View Analytics from their Account Management home (look for multiple links to analytics from this page)
  • Familiarize themselves with their dashboard by watching this short tour of the analytics overview page.

2. Or, Run and Export an Analytics Report For Your Busy Author(s)

If you work with someone less proactive about monitoring their own analytics, you can always log in as an account admin and run a report just for that person, and export it to share with them. Using your own login credentials:

  • Log into your JD Supra dashboard
  • From Account Home, click through to your JD Supra Analytics Overview page
  • At the top of the analytics page select the relevant date range and, most importantly, enter the name of the author or authors for whom you'd like a report.
  • Click to update your analytics
  • Export the report (look for the big, yellow Export button available on the page)
  • Share the resulting Excel file internally

 And, of course, all authors can receive periodic analytics reports by email - including a monthly summary of metrics and occasional alerts showing notable engagement with their work. Encourage all authors at your firm to sign up for those updates by email.