How to Take Firm Events and Webinars to the Next Level Using JD Supra

Did you know that JD Supra can help you plan, promote, and grow attendance for your firm's in-person events and webinars? Here are some of the ways we support our clients' programming:

1. Identify hot topics by industry: when it comes to surfacing hot issues that people want covered in focused events, your new Beacon Insights dashboard can help.

Use Beacon Insights to drill down on hot topics within a specific industry or practice area and share the data with team members who will be creating the agenda. In other words: use your target audience to tell you what to cover...

2. Write a series of related posts to promote your event: in advance of the big day, ask your subject matter experts to write on the topics that will be covered.

At the end of each post, include a promotional paragraph announcing the event, providing details and a link to register. Your thought leadership will whet the appetite of prospective attendees; your link will make it easy for them to act.

3. Promote it: as you've heard from me before, JD Supra also offers a webinar and in-person event promotion service. I'd be happy to discuss with you how to create event listings and promote them through our targeted channels.

(Here's a quick success story of how one firm grew attendance via JD Supra promotions.)

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