Nine Recipes For Success. No, Really...

TOW Turkey Day

During the year I enjoy speaking on behalf of the entire JD Supra team in my regular, Thursday Tip of the Week email to clients.

This week, I wanted everyone to speak for themselves. I asked for favorite Thanksgiving recipes that might help in your last-minute planning for Thursday.

Here's what I heard back:

  • Annie recommends Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits: "We also call these crack biscuits. Typically the first thing to be eaten every Friendsgiving, often before dinner even starts..."
  • True to personality, Marc likes "to try daring recipes" he's never had before. He said he'd be making a pitcher of this sweet potato cocktail (which includes mole bitters). I haven't heard from him since...
  • Carla's go-to crandiment (see what I did there?), Spirited Cranberry-Apricot Sauce, adds something special to the table: "I've been making it since before my daughter was born, 22 years ago."
  • Kara's family does a lot of Italian on Turkey Day, but this Classic Green Bean Casserole is a typical go-to dish for her. (Dorcas Reilly, inventor of this casserole, passed away this year at 92. Keeping it on the table is a nice remembrance.)
  • Aviva is all about The Silver Palate's Corn Bread-Sausage Stuffing with Apples. "It's the perfect sweet and savory combination!"
  • Robin recommends Southern Cornbread Dressing, which "all the kids called Mom Mom's Thanksgiving Dressing when they were little."
  • Adrian's wife and son make Gratineed Mustard Creamed Onions together for their big family meal. "It's an evolving tradition; my wife grew up making it for Thanksgiving with her dad. The parent-child cooking together continues..."
  • Guillermo thinks you should try this amazing Pumpkin Pie recipe, the best he's ever made. Why? "It has a secret ingredient..."
  • Paula offers her favorite Sweet Potato Pie with some specific actions items: "Be sure to roast the sweet potatoes. And don't forget the rum in the mix. Also consider whipping up bourbon cream as topping...
  • And, finally, from yours truly: I recommend starting your day (as I do, with my family) indulging in German Apple Pancakes. The key: a thin layer of oil rather than butter; uncaramelized apples, powered sugar instead of cinnamon sugar. Enjoy piping hot direct from the pan!

Your Next Step

Um, pass the gravy?

It's a pleasure working with you. We hope you enjoy some well-deserved time off this week.

Giving warm thanks,



[Paul Ryplewski is JD Supra's VP of Client Services. Clients: log into your account dashboard to subscribe to the Thursday Tip of the Week.]

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