Our Clients On What They Love About JD Supra


Tammy Mangan"I like that added extra help that we get aside from the platform for reaching an audience...JD Supra definitely supports us as a marketing team. I think it's helped to educate our marketing team, which then helps us to educate our lawyers."  

- Tammy Mangan, Chief Marketing Officer at Cole Schotz [Watch the video]



"We are loving JD Supra! I've had many positive remarks from our attorneys on how it’s improved our reach, and I find that the email digests and content prompts are very helpful on our end as tools for supporting our attorneys internally."

- Kira M. Sandmann, Director of Marketing & Communications at Weltman


madarang-jaqueline-150x150"It's the people we work with and also the information that's available for us at the back end, and it's the support that's available to us.  When we have a question or one of our lawyers just got a question, you're so quick in responding back to us. That's so key, and that's just really amazing.

- Jacqueline Madarang, Marketing & Technology at Bradley [Watch the video]


Helena Lawrence"It's the people. It's that when they talk to you about the service, you're actually having conversation. They're teaching you about their solutions and how it impacts you, how to use it, why you may wanna use it. We also have a discussion about where JD Supra can grow. As things are currently evolving, JD Supra wants to move with us, and I enjoy having that conversation together, and I really appreciate the counseling and the coaching that comes with that...Ultimately, it's the consulting and the solutions that JD Supra is giving me and the teaching that makes my job easier.

-Helena Lawrence, Marketing Business Development at Orrick [Watch the video]


ltoledo"I think that JD Supra does a fabulous job of looking at the marketplace and saying, "What's relevant to the marketers? What's relevant to the attorneys? What's gonna help them do their job better? 

JD Supra definitely makes my job easier. It's nice to have the analytics rolled up all into one platform. It's super easy to use. The JD Supra team is always very responsive. JD Supra does a great job of showing you how to use it, you know, 'here's another way to show your lawyers value' or 'here are some topic suggestions'. You guys do a good job of educating marketers and letting us educate our attorneys." 

- Laura Toledo, Marketing & Communications at Nilan Johnson Lewis [Watch the video]


ryan king"I like the fact how the data is organized and how clean it is. You guys have really taken an iterative approach with a lot of grit, a lot of tenacity and asking for feedback constantly on how to make the platform better for your users, whether that's an in-house communications person like me, whether it's a reporter or whether it's just one of the readers. I like how you've continued to go through and sort it by topic, tagging, industry, and how you've also curated firm related content around specific topics. It's really provided you guys with a depth and wealth of riches." 

- Ryan King, Director of Communications at Ogletree Deakins [Watch the video]


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