Switched Firms? How to Maintain Your Author Profile on JD Supra

Congratulations on your new role in your new firm!

We've enjoyed publishing your thought leadership on JD Supra and, like you, also want to keep sharing your insights and guidance with our subscribers, readers, and site visitors.

Here is everything you need to know about updating and maintaining your JD Supra author profile after you've switched firms:

It Starts With Your Firm

Your author profile exists because your firm partnered with JD Supra to publish and distribute content produced by everyone in the organization, including you.

Part of this service, as a bylined author you received a profile that listed just your thought leadership as we published and distributed it on behalf of the entire firm. (For example: see all of Orrick's Publications listed here on the the firm's JD Supra profile. And here, all of Orrick's Authors, each profile listing just their content. You were included thusly as an author in your previous firm's overarching JD Supra account.)


If You've Moved to a Firm with a Current, Active JD Supra Account:

Great news! Since your new firm is partnered with JD Supra, the first time we publish your next bylined piece, our editors will create a new author profile for you, tied to your new firm. 

*Important: even though you'll automatically receive a profile via your new firm, please advise us of your move so that we can deactivate the profile associated with your old firm. [Contact us by filling out the brief form available to your right, on this very page.]

If you want to transfer any of your old content to your new profile, please do so through the support staff at your previous firm. Ask the marketing department to contact us to authorize the transfer. We'd be happy to do so, but it requires your old firm's approval.

If You've Moved to a Firm Not Currently Using JD Supra:

Let's change that! You have two options:

1. Sign up your new firm on JD Supra

Typically we work with marketing and business development to bring a firm onto JD Supra, but we are happy to work with anyone in firm leadership who can make the decision to partner with us. You can click to begin the process below.

Once we are serving your firm, as above, you will automatically receive a new author profile when we publish and distribute your content via our channels. We will also be bringing targeted visibility (and subsequent reader analytics) to all of the firm's content, as well.

2. Obtain an individual account in your own name

In this arrangement, we'll publish just your content, attributed only to you, which makes any future move seamless. Your content receives all of the benefits of a firm account on JD Supra – including targeted distribution and robust analytics – and is not published under any other brand. It can follow you wherever you happen to go next.

(For an example of this type of account, see Thomas Fox on JD Supra.)


There are several options for continuing to place your insights and guidance in front of readers on JD Supra. In recap:

  • If you've moved to a firm with an active JD Supra account, you'll automatically receive a new author profile when we publish your first post at the new firm. But please do let us know, so we can deactivate your old profile.
  • If you would like to transfer your old content to you new profile, please do so through your previous firm. Ask them to contact us to begin the process.
  • If you've moved to a firm not active on JD Supra yet, either sign up the firm for our service or begin your own, individual account.

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