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Switched Firms? How to Maintain Your Author Profile on JD Supra

Information for authors who have switched firms and want to update and maintain their JD Supra author profile and presence.

"It's the people, the support..." - JD Supra clients on how we partner [Video]

Watch this short video montage in which our lovely clients describe one thing they like about partnering with JD Supra.

Our Clients On JD Supra Editorial Support

JD Supra clients on the editorial support they receive.

Write to Be Scanned By Busy Readers... [Video]

This quick-hit content marketing tip explains why (and how) you should write to be scanned by busy readers.

Don't Write About the Law... [Video]

Learn how a single change to your writing can lead to wider readership and engagement with your thought leadership.

How to Work With a Blocked Writer to Create Compelling Content [Video]

Video tip: If you're working with a writer in your firm who wants to write but can't get it done, use this simple exercise to help.

How To Craft a Title People Will Want to Click [Video]

With every new piece of writing, you need to convince a busy reader to stop what they're doing and click to read you, now. Here's how.

Help Your Busy Readers Get the Point Up Front... [Video]

Develop an easy writing habit that will shine a spotlight on the main takeaway(s) in your insights so that your readers don't have to work to find them.

How to Identify Your Next Writing Ideas in 5 Simple Steps...

A super-simple but highly effective way to generate writing ideas in five quick steps.

How One Law Firm Motivates Its Attorneys to Write...

Marisa Gonzalez Eubanks, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell, describes how JD Supra helps to motivate attorneys in her firm to write.

Checklist: How to Create an Editorial Schedule (Your Team Will Use)

An editorial calendar captures more than a list of writing assignments. It answers for everyone on the team: why are we doing this? How are we doing it? Who is doing it? When are we doing it? What are we doing?