Thought Leaders, Turn Your Next Event or Industry Conference Into New Writing

hortenseWhen you or your firm's authors next participate in an industry conference or event (whether speaking, sponsoring, or just attending), leverage the occasion to create new content afterwards!

This is both an efficient use of time and a smart way to stay on topic with the same audience in your networking and marketing activities.

In the ongoing conversation about integrated marketing efforts, it is also a great way to maximize the return of investment in a conference or firm-hosted event. Some examples:

Along with making the new work available to a wider audience, if you've hosted or sponsored the event and have access to contact information, email your follow-up content directly to attendees. With the programming fresh in their minds, they will appreciate your useful insights. 

Next Steps

If you don't already have one, build a list of upcoming events in which you or your team will be participating. Begin strategizing follow-up content. Consider the agenda, panel presentations, concerns that will be on the minds of attendees, and how you can contribute to the conversation. As the above examples illustrate, your contribution can be an easy-to-read recap of insights presented by others at the conference or the addition of your own analysis and commentary, or something in-between.

Go into any event with writing ideas in mind;  it'll make all the difference and truly enable you to benefit from the avid, targeted attention surrounding an industry conference!


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