3 Tools to Help You Find Analytics Gems

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In my conversations with marketers and BD professionals, and the thought leaders within their organizations, I frequently recommend the following three easy tricks to mine analytics for interesting gems, opportunities, and next steps:

1. Use your date range filter to spot trends

Toggle between your content "published on any date" and "only content published in a specific date range." Filtering this way helps you to:

  • focus on recent readership and reach, allowing you to highlight current content successes
  • identify new readership of old content, enabling you to spot trends and find issues that should be revisited
  • more quickly find analytics for a single post or series of posts, based on publication date

2. Leverage big data in your Beacon Reports

Take advantage of the data within JD Supra's Beacon Reports, which enable you to benchmark your organization's visibility within specific companies and industries, and for strategically important subjects. 

Beacon Reports specific to your organization’s content are included in your JD Supra subscription. You can also upgrade to gather insights based on all of JD Supra's site-wide readership. (Ask for details).

3. Subscribe your authors to receive monthly analytics by email

Your authors are automatically subscribed to receive occasional, ongoing reader highlight alerts about their content. They can also receive a monthly overview (similar to the monthly email admin contacts receive at the start of each month).

Subscribing authors to see their own Monthly Reports enables them to see, in a real sense, the impact of their thought leadership; can facilitate greater engagement with your readers; and keeps the firm’s overall content marketing strategy and success front and center. It's a powerful educational tool.

You can manage your team's email subscriptions here.


Paul Ryplewski is JD Supra's VP of Client Services