Getting Started Guide: Post-Orientation Action Items

For your convenience, here's a brief recap of some of the tools reviewed during your orientation, with next steps highlighted:

Add all key team members to your account 

Your JD Supra account can support the work of every department at your firm, from marketing to business development to communications to technology to practice group heads.

Make sure key team members are set up with their own login credentials so that they can access and manage email updates, analytics, editorial guidance, etc.

Visit your Admin Management page and click +New Admin to add anyone from your team.

Set your email preferences 

Emails are a great way to stay up-to-date on your firm's visibility and with key trends to guide your writing efforts.

  • To refresh your recollection on the various updates available to you, click on the emails listed in analytics and editorial resources sections here
  • Access step by step instructions for email management here.
  • Make sure to whitelist with your email software (eg Outlook) and with any email services you use such as  Mimecast, to ensure that you receive your emails.
  • Visit your Team Subscriptions page (in the 'Account' drop down menu of your account management) for a list of authors and which analytics emails they currently receive. Use this dashboard to monitor, maintain, and update author analytics subscriptions.

Sync your social media accounts: automatically promote your thought leadership to your existing networks on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.

Promote yourself: Add badges to your site and email signature to grow your subscribers/followers on JD Supra.

  • Our Badge Builder tool enables you to create a custom badge (for the firm or individual authors) that matches the style and colors of your organization's branding.
  • See examples of badges on JD Supra member sites and how to add badges here.

Review & share your visibility: Your analytics dashboards contain valuable information to help you strengthen your client and prospect relationships, guide future content efforts and refine your strategy.  Log in at least once per month to view your analytics, export reports and share them with team members who may not be logging in. 

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