Your Logo: Dimensions & Appearance

We display your logo on your profile and on each page your content appears. Your logo also displays on social shares of your work on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. For all of these purposes, the required dimensions for your logo are: 

  • JPEG format
  • 1200 x 900 px
  • 72 dpi
  • 150 px (minimum) border on all sides

In order for your logo to work on all the different platforms, the live area for your artwork is 900 x 600 px, centered in the 1200 x 900 px rectangle.

The border area around the live area is typically white, but if your artwork is set on a colored background (e.g. a white logo on an orange background) then the border can be the same color as the background. 

Here's how a logo with optimal dimensions will display on your:


logo on profile


Logo on content

LinkedIn Share

Logo on LinkedIn share

Twitter Share

Logo on Twitter share

Facebook Share

Logo on Facebook share

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