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Who Are My Followers on JD Supra? (And How Do I Get More?)

JD Supra Followers explained – how readers can flag your organization and authors to receive just your insights, as they are published on the site.

7 Ways to Create an Impactful Profile

How to create a JD Supra profile that augments and reinforces the messaging underpinning your portfolio of thought leadership.

[Video How-To:] Update Your JD Supra Profile

Paul Ryplewski explains in two minutes how to update elements in your JD Supra profile: your "About" page; logo and header images; and branded background image.

How To: Edit Your Profile

How to edit your profile.

Your Branded Background

Taking even more ownership of your JD Supra presence with a custom background for your content, profile and author pages.

Your Branded Header: Dimensions & Appearance

Dimensions for your content header.

How To: Preview Your Profile

How to preview your profile.

How To: Replace Your Logo

Step by step instructions to replace your logo on JD Supra.

Your Logo: Dimensions & Appearance

Your logo specifications along with examples of how it will appear on your profile, content, and social media shares.