How To: Stay In Sync With A New Website

Congratulations on re-designing your site!

When you redesign your website or blog(s), there are a few updates to your JD Supra account that you should consider:

1. Does your re-design involve a change to your website URL? If so:

  • per best practices, please make sure that your website developer implements redirects from your old website pages to the new urls. This is important so that the links to your old website, whether in your historical content or in other locations, and whether on JD Supra or elsewhere, continue to work properly.
  • please advise us ASAP of the new url(s) for your content, so that we can update the locations that we are monitoring. This is important even if you have redirects in place.

2) Does your re-design involve significant aesthetic and/or branding changes? If so, and:

  • your JD Supra account includes headers/banners for your content, and/or branded graphic background, and you’d like to update their design to match your new website/blog, we’re happy to do that.*
  • your JD Supra account does not include headers/banners or color-branded background colors for your content, you may want to consider adding them to reinforce your new branding across all platforms.*
  • your redesign includes a new logo, be sure to replace your logo on JD Supra or send the new logo to us and we'll take care of it for you. [Instructions available here.]
  • your redesign includes new attorney headshots, bio urls and/or email addresses, please let us know so that we can update them on our site.*

* Fees may apply.


  1. Advise us of any changes to the urls on which your content is located.
  2. Update your logo on JD Supra.
  3. Update existing content headers/banners/color backgrounds on JD Supra. 
  4. Add new content headers/banners.
  5. Update author headshots/bio urls/email addresses.

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