Seven Emails to Help You Maximize Your JD Supra Account

"I really want to leverage what you are doing for my firm, please help me..."

I recently wrote one answer to this oft-asked question (to whit: schedule time to regularly dive into your analytics). Here's another:

Log into your JD Supra account and subscribe to some (or all) of the support emails specifically designed to help you and your colleagues make the most of your subscription.

Analytics Emails

  • Reader Highlights — Available at a firm and author level, Reader Highlights alerts help you to turn online visibility into real-world opportunities by identifying notable readers engaged with your content, as it happens.
  • Monthly Analytics — your monthly analytics email enables you to take a big picture measure of your reach at a firm and/or author level (top-read articles, etc), with the ability to dig in deeper via your analytics dashboard any time you want.

Client Service & Marketing Emails

  • Emerging Trends — A powerful tool in your content marketing arsenal, emerging trends emails give your firm and authors writing suggestions for emerging topics, helping you stay ahead of actual reader interest.
  • Tip of the Week — stay apprised of our platform's latest offerings and functionalities — and learn from colleagues and peers also using JD Supra (as they are a frequent source of tip content). 
  • Saturday Must-Reads — a weekly curation of five thought leadership pieces covering the business of law, from legal industry professionals. Shoot me a note if you'd like to receive this email.

Editorial Emails

JD Supra Daily Digest — The primary source of news and information for JD Supra subscribers (your readers!). Many authors also use JD Supra as a source for new writing ideas and to keep an eye on competitors and other thought leaders in their area of practice. (And last year ILTA crowned JD Supra as the premium source of competitive intelligence in their annual survey, thanks to this daily digest.)

Corporate Law Report/Morning Brief — These daily recaps compiled by JD Supra’s editorial team collect the most timely and well-written pieces, curating the best of what's published on our platform to keep busy professionals aware of significant issues that impact their business. Ask me if you'd like to receive these mailings.

Your Next Step

Log in and sign up for any of the above emails. (And use the contact form to the right of the page if you have any questions or need help with subscriptions.)

All authors and account admins have the ability to log into JD Supra to manage their own email subscriptions (along with other activities, like check analytics). Send questions or requests for help if you have 'em.


[This post appeared originally as a JD Supra Tip of the Week, emailed each Thursday morning by VP of client service, Paul Ryplewski. Clients: to receive Paul's tips by email, log into your account dashboard and select Tip of the Week on your Subscriptions page. ]

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