Three Easy Ways to Follow Up When Someone Shares Your Content Online

What's a good way to follow up when you learn that the general counsel or CEO of a notable company has shared your firm's thought leadership on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook?

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 5.34.16 PMIt's an important, practical question; one I hear asked often! Here's a quick look at my three top answers:

1. Use the share for internal validation 

Nothing communicates proof of concept quite like showing an attorney how the chief compliance officer of a global bank shared their recent writing on LinkedIn. Make sure your authors see these notable shares, so they understand the direct value of their writing efforts and keep at it.

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 2. Find a next writing idea 

Use these clear examples of notable reader engagement as inspiration for next writing. When you share the engagement with your author(s), suggest ideas for follow-up posts on the same, proven topic. One post on a well-read topic is a good start; a series of posts is even better.

3. Make a meaningful connection 

Connect with these high-value readers. Simply thank the person for sharing your work and ask to connect. This will also turn random readers into habitual readers, who will see next posts when your authors write and share them.

 social engagement jdsupra

When a notable reader appreciates your authors' insights enough to publicly share them with their own network, that's an opportunity.

Act on each of those, as outlined above — and help your authors understand the many ways they can turn such engagement into opportunity. As you know, through your JD Supra analytics and emails from us, you have a steady stream of such social engagement to act upon.


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