Give Practice Group & Industry Leads Access to Reader Data That Supports Their Work [Video Tip]

Make sure that your practice group heads, industry leads, and anybody with a specific focus working with a team within your firm has the ability to log into JD Supra and build data reports monthly, weekly, quarterly, however they want to access data.

Each practice and industry lead and specifically focused team member has the ability to log in and look at

  • what's trending within specific industries,
  • what's of greatest interest within specific companies,
  • how people are interacting with specific topics,
  • which companies and industries are most interested in those topics

...and, using a mix of an analytics around your firm’s own content and the broader reach of what's available in Beacon Insights, build action around their specific business initiatives.

Questions about setting up login access for anyone on your team? Fill out a request on the contact form on this page, or schedule a quick call with Paul Ryplewski (info also located on this page).