How To: Add And Remove Authors

How to Add an Author

Short answer: our editors do it for you during normal course of service.

JD Supra automatically creates an account/listing for each author at your firm when we first publish a piece that they have written.

In order to add an author to your account, that individual will need to have at least one bylined piece of content to which we can attribute them as an author.

Since the author-listing process is automatic and connected to inital publication on JD Supra, you need not do anything. Contact our Client Services team if you have a particular author in mind, listed on your firm but not yet included on JD Supra.

How to Remove an Author

Short answer: log in and use your Author Management page to remove (or reactivate) any of your authors.

Your Author Management dashboard enables you to browse a complete list of your authors on JD Supra and, in one click, remove any who Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 4.34.13 PMhave left the firm. 

Follow the link available in this post, or look for 'Your Authors' in the top-left 'Account' drop-down menu of your account hompage, as shown here.

Your Author Management page also enables you to: monitor and manage LinkedIn Syncs for all of your thought leaders; see top-performing authors (based on content produced over the previous 12 months); and jump to any author's live profile on JD Supra, among other tasks.

*As noted already, any deleted author can be reactivated by you easily, in just a click. Look for the list of 'Deactivated' authors archived on your Management page.

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