How To: Add And Remove Authors

We set up an account for each author at your firm the first time publish a piece that he/she has written. 

Adding authors: In order to add an author to your account, that individual will need to have at least one article to which we can attribute him/her as an author.

Removing authors: Authors who are no longer at your firm should be removed from your account. We recommend that you either include notifying JD Supra of an author's departure as part of your regular process when someone leaves the firm (along with other steps you take such as removing their bio from your own website) or review the authors listed on your account on a quarterly basis to identify those who you'd like us to deactivate.

Power Tip

One easy way to generate a "remove" list:

1) Log in to your account.

2) Select "Sync with LinkedIn" 

3) Click the yellow "export" button on the top right of the page to export a list of all your authors.

4) In the export, highlight or otherwise note the authors that you'd like removed, and send the marked excel to us. We'll take care of the rest.

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