How To: Keep Your JD Supra Subscriptions When You Change Firms

When you leave your firm, you will no longer receive emails related to your firm's account, but:

  • you can continue to receive your Daily Digest, and
  • if your new firm is a JD Supra client, you can receive emails related to their account (eg, Reader Highlights, Trend Alerts, etc.)

To update your email address, just:

1) Go the login page here.

2) Enter your user name (your email address at your old firm) and password for that login.

3) If we've been notified that you are no longer an admin at your prior firm, you'll receive a prompt to update your user name and email address.  Once you enter your new email address and select to update the email address for your digest subscription as well, this will be your new user ID and you'll begin to receive your Daily Digest at your new address. 

NOTE: If you do not receive this prompt, please contact us to update your status.

4) If your new firm is also a JD Supra client and you would like to be able to access your new firm's account management and receive account related emails for the firm, please ask the account administrator at your new firm to add you as an administrator the account. You'll receive an email from us once that's done, and the next time you log in, you'll see your new firm's analytics, etc.

Lastly, if your new firm is not on JD Supra, contact us and we'll be happy to remedy that!

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