How (And Why) To: Add And Remove Administrators

Your firm account administrators hold the keys to your JD Supra castle. Administrator permissions enable the holder to:

1) Manage (and benefit from) all aspects of your JD Supra presence, including:

  • edit your firm profile (including replacing your firm logo).
  • edit and delete your content.
  • view and export firm-wide or practice group analytics depending on permissions.
  • view historical and ongoing Trend Alerts (editorial guidance) on all topics.
  • subscribe/unsubscribe themselves from Trend Alerts, Analytics, Reader Highlights and Tip of the Week emails.
  • sync the firm's JD Supra account with their own LinkedIn account and with your firm's X/Twitter pages (if they also have admin access on those platforms).

2) Manage your authors' use of various account features, including:

  • subscribe/unsubscribe individual authors from analytics emails.
  • invite authors to sync their accounts with LinkedIn.
  • manage author LinkedIn syncs (including de-activating individual syncs).

For all of these reasons, we highly recommend that you add all members of your team who might benefit from these tools, especially viewing analytics and trend alerts and that you remember to deactivate users who they leave the firm.  

All you need to do in order to provide, or terminate, access to your firm or practice group level dashboards: Log in and click the Users link in your account management dashboard.

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