How To: Keep Your Author Portfolio When You Leave Your Firm

Authors frequently contact us after leaving their firms, requesting to update their portfolios to remove their firm association.  At JD Supra, author portfolios must be associated with an account.

If you are at a new firm that is also a JD Supra client: the first time you publish something for that firm, we will set up a new author portfolio for you associated with the new firm.  There's nothing you need to do (other than continue writing) unless:

  • your portfolio with your old firm is still up. Please let us know that you've left the firm and we'll remove it.
  • you'd like to move content from your old portfolio to your new one. In this case, please receive and forward to us, approval from your prior an current firm to do so and we'll make the update.

If you are at a new firm that is not a JD Supra client: you have two options. Either you can set up an individual account for yourself or your practice group, or your new firm can get a JD Supra account under which you will be associated as an author. Just contact us and we'll walk through these options with you.

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