7 Ways to Use Your Beacon Reader Data for Strategic Marketing & BD

File under: intelligent intelligence. Kara McKenna offers seven takeaways from a recent webinar on JD Supra's new Beacon Insights data dashboards.

Two Ways to Help Your Authors Access Their Analytics Reports on JD Supra

Paul Ryplewski shows to easy ways to help the authors in your firm get ongoing access to their JD Supra reader analytics.

NEW: 'Beacon Insights' Dashboards - Actionable Intelligence On Companies, Industries, & Key Subject Areas

CEO Aviva Cuyler announces JD Supra's new Beacon Insights dashboards for strategic intelligence on specific interests and broader trends in companies, industries, and key subject areas.

[Video] Introducing Your Analytics Dashboard: Part One - Overview

This first video introduces clients to the Overview page of your JD Supra analytics. Learn how to log into your JD Supra account and visit this key page, the "table of contents" into your metrics.

How to Break the Ice and Turn Your Readers Into Network Connections...

From JD Supra's VP of Client Services, here are some easy ways to follow up with your online readers to turn them into meaningful network connections.

5 Reasons Why No One Reads Your Content (And How To Fix That!)

A blogger without a strategy is like a chef with a shiny new frying pan without ingredients nor diners to create a meal. Here's how to focus on what matters in your content investment.

"The analytics and tools JD Supra allows us to give our lawyers are invaluable..." - Laura Toledo, Nilan John Lewis [Video]

Laura Toledo, marketing & communications manager at Minneapolis-based law firm Nilan Johnson Lewis, discusses the many ways JD Supra provides value to her firm.

"JD Supra wants to move with us. It makes my job easier..." - Helena Lawrence, Orrick [Video]

Orrick, describes how JD Supra makes her life easier in the BD and marketing efforts on behalf of her attorneys.

"One of the things I love about working with JD Supra: the analytics, the companies reading our content..." - Jacqueline Madarang, Bradley [Video]

Jacqueline Madarang, Senior Marketing Technology Manager at law firm Bradley, talks about her firm's partnership with JD Supra.

Checklist: Nine Ways to Find BD Opportunities In Your Reader Analytics

As you peruse your reader data, look for answers to the following nine questions. The answers will help you identify business development next steps...

Our Clients On JD Supra Intelligence

JD Supra clients on the intelligence we provide about their readership.

Make Your Content Investment More Strategic By Tracking These Seven Simple Metrics

One way to be more strategic with your content efforts: track basic metrics and, at regular intervals, meet to discuss their meaning and next steps as a result of your shared insights and observations. Here's what to track and how.

Client Tip: Share Your Reader Data With Your RFP Team... [Video]

Identify the legal issues and concerns that resonate with readers in companies you've pitched. Use these insights to steer future proposals, offer private CLEs, and focus other content efforts.

How to Turn Your Reader Data Into Valuable Next Steps

Paul Ryplewski's weekly how-to tip for JD Supra clients.

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If you're already writing regularly and would like to fine-tune your topics, consider these three ways to respond to proven reader interests.

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Paul Ryplewski's Tip of the Week looks at three reader metrics everyone should monitor on JD Supra.

Three Ways Law Firm Marketers Can Use Data to Build Better Content Strategy

Data isn't the issue, it's what to do with all that data. Here are three approaches to fine tuning your content investment (and growing business) using your data.